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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Word About Genre

Science-fiction is a genre in itself but it consists of several sub-genres, many of which can be furthered divided. To save myself the difficulty of frequently writing out "sub-genre" and "sub-sub-genre", I am going to shift science-fiction into its own category in which further divisions can be drawn.

I intend these posts to be a basic primer to terms I might throw around carelessly. Each genre will have it's own label. Any entry on a work of science-fiction that falls into a particular genre will also bear that label. This way, you can search "genre" for all of my entries on the various genres and subs as well as the name of each genre for both the description and posts that fit within the genre. Most science fiction has multiple themes and a single work may fall into more than one genre. I will, however, attempt to classify works by their most salient genre.

As I add genres, I will try to label all the appropriate works. I will also, eventually, include a list of works under each genre description. I will probably only add titles of the works most appropriate to that genre as a heuristic of the genre rather than attempting to create an exhaustive list.

Alternative Reality/Parallel Universe

*This post has been back-dated to place it at the head of the "Word about Genre" posts. I have also edited some of these posts in recognition that I might some day have an audience who does not suffer from my chronic condition in which I hear every thing that I think.*

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