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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crime Scene Investigation at the Astro Quest What-If-It-Con

I love crossovers! Or whatever this is. This is obviously CSI's spoof of Star Trek, complete with cheesy aliens and a hot blond yeomen in a mini mod skirt. Silly ears on one character and a something-submission hold. Cliche lines: He's dead, Jim. I'm not a seamstress, I'm a medical examiner, damnit. The entire episode is an amusing romp, perhaps a little heavy handed with pretension - quite a bit like Star Trek itself I suppose.

Hodges fantasizes several scenes, playing the role of substitute-Kirk, with Simms playing the role of various love interests. But he ultimately decides that his job his more important than romance. Or something vaguely kirk-esque to avoid changing his shift.

The deceased, there is always a dead guy in both shows, wanted to remake Star . . .I mean Astro Quest with more realistic, flawed heroes. The conventioneers are unimpressed. The new heroes are overly violent. The pilot implies that the episodes had actual consequences in the show. A sci-fi or media semiotic professor says that Astro Trek is a religion for some of its viewers and that the remake is nothing short of heresy. Maybe I am not a true Trekky because it was never a religion for me, even if I did not approve of the recent remake. But I think that the strength in The Next Generation was that human imperfection. I have come to realize how much I enjoy the episodes that focus on Worf, not because I particularly like Klingon culture but because he is allowed to be truly flawed, to do things humans would disapprove of doing.

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